Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Talk to yourself.2 - Squeeze

Exhausted after follow up 4 RGs for 2 weeks, seems too greedy, squeeze myself too hard this time? But gamdong when reaching the final stage, not evaluate by time, not evalute by $, but the effort vs the outcome, i feel satisfied every this moment, wo hen man yi..mark 80/100 ba. Good job Yin Yin *pat shoulder* you can prepare for CNY now! *grin*😁

Then loop back again and again.
exhausted 😫 > self curse y greedy 😔 > throw effort 😤 > final stage 😴 > relief-ing, feel dai 😌 > close stage 😎 > grin 😁

Perhaps theres also timing problem, maybe. Always busy on pre-holiday period, especially CNY which i will always (always!) ready to away from SG for one week (hohoho), thats why im attempt to settle everything before off to holiday but seems thats not easy. + i myself having different responsibilities (maybe this is what i force myself to have it, i dont know!) so still alot struggling like can i really, totally, extremely off and shut down for 1 week? I wish i could have a good rest. yea.😐

Guitar. yea guitar. i love it, i very very love it. the thing is it really need alot alot alot of effort and time, you will definitely get the punishment when u stop practice for even 1 day. With the squeezing 2 weeks, i attempted to arrange at least 30 mins for practice prior RGs. And then! When Z asking for demo in music sch today, i DONT KNOW what did i practiced! Few weeks ago, i reminded myself, its not only practice, its also about observe, i cant do hardcore practicing, useless even i throw in 3 hours.

Observe, and learn.

But i forgot this advise from myself to myself, just because im too busy. too busy to slow down myself, too busy to talk to myself, too busy to review myself. #ApplyToAnythingInLife
Now i feel this is scary, i spent my 1 week time, and tot its good because im practicing, but its not good, until i realise now, well, at least i realized. 😒

And…I feel very guilty for not preparing myself well before i step into the class. No good practice, and tired mind (sleep late lah sleep late!) I cant focus even Z trying his best to share me the knwoledge. whenever i notice my soul fly off...then i missed the value info he shared!! niwawa niwawa!!

And finally, book. <Mistborn> progressing very very slow, reached 300pages since 1st Jan. and my target now still "finish before off for cny". MEH.
notes to myself:Read carefully, because i wont re-read.

Slow down Yin Yin. You have 24hours. okay, 9 for works, 1 for OT, 8 for sleep, 1 for travel.  You still have 4 hours. Well, 4 hours. Please utilise them with value.
#ReduceKDrama (bye golbin)
Sleep more, think more, read more, guitar more, and move, move, and move. just move yourself please.

Qidai <Talk to yourself.3> 😤