Friday, February 10, 2017

2017 CNY Break

Back from CNY break for 1 week, a super busy week, I'm trying to focus a new role in my work. Been working on account service for 1 week, and today, Friday, finally I could have my remaining half day to work on my own scheduled development project. Now it seems like Account Service can  work as a FULL time role. MEH. Well, I used to hate this role, but when the role been recognized and been officially arranged, you will really work it with willingness and with the most effort you can. But am I doing good? HMMMMMM

Or maybe it's because I just back from a break. FRESH! Been long time never take a long break, long break = balik kampung, all I need for a rest is BALIK KAMPUNG! It's 100% relax, even I have to on my laptop to follow up some cases everyday. LOL.

CNY MUST-TAKE-PHOTO! 2017 version:

Someone is growing damn very fast.

What done on 1 week break?

Work. #WELL

Shot by PJ.
Shit, I like this chair for reading so much. With my niece pillow as back support and neck support.  *add into future-to-buy list*. Finished the remaning 400 pages during the holiday. Luckily I brought the book back :D

The MOST happy decision I made for CNY break is - I.BROUGHT.GUITAR.HOME!
I'm so glad I made it. Practice for 1 week, shuang. VERY SHUANG.

With my 700 pages book <Mistborn 3>  + a work laptop + 3 cans abalone. MEH. I feel like no weight can scare me now. *even my own weight* #GainWeightLikeABoss
p/s:actually guitar not heavy at all pun.

First try TsingTao Beer. VERY NICE ! I like it so much!
Suppose I should cheers with my father, but he rejected me! End up I got to finish it alone. 600 ml #FirstTrySoMuch #UsedToDrink1CanOnly.
I drink it while I'm reading. The weird is I yue drink yue sleepy. After I finish it, I can't walk in a straight line. Leg qing piao piao. LOL. But still awake. Limit not reached. And finally have a good sleep.

Always curious what's my alcohol limit. Hope I can try out someday, maybe better with Baobei beside me :p #SafetyFirst
MingYen said that's alot, she knock down by 1 apple cider, that's too weak Ming Yen!! XD

Black Coffee. Beers. Works. Life.
All this make me feel I'm really aging now.

Yesterday met a Uni coursemate cum Internship colleague during lunch time. Ah.....I think we doesn't met for 7 years after we graduated. And he and his wife just sit next to us! That's really surprising.
The world so small.
and SG even smaller.

Cheers Life. Cheers Yin Yin.