Thursday, February 2, 2017

Talk to yourself.3 - Be excellent

No matter what, people always attempt to place you as a competitor/enemy when you are doing something that they doesn't.

Human being.

Comment to make own practice look wise. Comment to make ownself look practical. Comment to make ownself look nicer.

I've been seen a lot this kind of attacks around me, towards me, just because i always have those hobbies or practices that other doesn't have. i do admit, i always stay at home, i do reading, i learn guitar, i seldom watch drama, i tried to do something to my families and loves one. Who did i bothered? I spent my own time, my own effort, and i don't want to mention but its a truth, my own money.

Who did I bothered.
I don't know.

People like to judge when they think you are different, attack mode on. Unless you are excellent. Excellent speak everything, and also make everything shut-up. Yes, unless you are excellent.

Yin2, the process is tough one. Let the result speak for you. Just stay low profile, but do not forgot your own choice and your very first intention. Remember, everyone have 24 hours. Do not bother how others using theirs, but yours. Stay strong, and move on.