Friday, February 10, 2017

Talk to yourself.4 - lazy code

I have a reading principle - read carefully, because I won't read second time. I don't remember since when I applied this to my work too. W said he couldn't see a lazy code from my work, this request a discipline and pride on work. Well, actually I just lazy to follow up the same thing again and again, whenever I think of the consequences, I will put myself back to correct direction. Hmmm I doesn't take too much concern or xiang fa when I received this "compliment" that time.

But then recently I met few stories regarding this practice again, which reminded me again and again.

During cny holiday, Leong do hair cut for me, simple one, just cut 1 inch. That day.. he is waiting for his gf family, and he done 3 heads in 40 minutes. Well, I think he is in a rush. After that I noticed my hair length is not balance, and theres alot of hair been missed out. Same to my sis that ask for hair cut after me, hers even obvious because she got a short hair style. lol.

The second incident, is
asking Yong to DIY me a cactus. She is in a bad mood and end up the DIY closing....erm, is rushed & not that good. Quick job again.

This is not a complain session, is a session that trying to figure out how a person can focus on something, or decide the effort to do it.

But what the quick job harm? Pride. Very subjective, because it's very personal-level-thingy, everyone have own acceptance level.

But the most rugi I think is the time spent. I prepared the schedule, I prepared my effort, I prepared my mood, time spent, and if I still do a quick job, my effort and time is all gone! Rugi! This is the reason always stop me from doing a quick job.

LAM LAM LAM. And action.