Sunday, February 26, 2017

Talk to yourself.6 - OT Week

Never expect my next "Talk to yourself" is a status updates topic.

OT FOR WHOLE WEEK! AND I HIT MY OT RECORD - 11:30 PM! *Achievement Unlocked*

I got new experience now, schedule full time development for February carefully!! Bad luck, all kena FEBRUARY. WHY WHY WHY.

First time having OT party in office, good experience. When teammates staying to fight, funniest one is everyone is fighting own project. Seems Im not the only one having wrong estimation on project timeline. MWAHAHAHA

Monday - 9pm

OT Party - Tuesday - 11pm

After having pizza, end up me and SY stay energize until 11pm. That day I have my guitar class, and I back to office for OT. Good Plan.

But I feel guilty now after whole things settle down. Again I been sidetrack by "I need to go back office I need to go back office" during the whole class. When Z spent time figuring out the Chords for my song, I feel relieve. I think he sensed I bosim on class that day. #ImSorry
Well. Maybe next time I should just cancel the class. *touch wood hopefully no next time* #ThatsImpossible #ImProgrammer

This is one of the task I issue to myself since 3 months ago - learn to focus on current situation. Current situation! When I'm on Account Service, I should focus arrange incoming request. When I'm on Developer, I should focus on the solution thinking. When I'm on advisor mode, I should focus on teammates questions/requests and provide the best advice that I can. When I'm on guitar class, I should just focus on my guitar too!! But why I still can't make it!

Remind me a story when I'm in RX. When boss's kids knock his door, he stop every action, take both his hand away from keyboard and hold them, and look at his kids, listen to his words. That's impressed me, and I respect. This is how he focus on single topic each time, even that might be not priotizie but it is important. #PleaseFasterFigureOutHowYinYin

Wednesday - 10pm

OT Party - Thursday - 11.30pm
Another OT fiesta from FF BOSS! #ThanksBoss
This is a weird day, we got 1 2 3 4 5 6 persons on OT this day. Well but they are better, everyone left @930. Still me and SY staying, and hit another new record after Tuesday.

Friday - 930PM
I thought we will not need to OT for this day because everything is on closing stage! Something wrong. WHY. But its Friday so I'm chill to let SY spend her time settle her closing stage. This might be a tough week for her, not sure who said OT learn faster, she is growing good, positively on physically and mentally, I hope. HA. Monday gonna pat pat her shoulder "we made it SY, you made it."

OT is not scary, we stay to achieve together, what is the target for OT - project or deadline?

Anyway, salute, all my teammates. We made it :)
#FightForEPortal #FightForPaymentGateway #FightForCLT #FightForGETMobile

Saturday - adhoc task
Craving for a cappuccino, end up visit Starbucks to prepare account service measurement/KPI for next week J target talk. I wake up too late this day and end up I doesn't have enough day time to do my things. I thought I will only need < 1 hour to finish the J task, end up I spent 2.5 hours for study and grab what suit us/myself. And I rushed home because I got cinderella bell today, else I think I might sit another 1 hour. #NextTimeGoEarlier

And here when come to end of the OT Week story

Whole week never mo mo my lovely guitar. Touch touch get recognition before leaving for work on Friday. I love you V-zai T_T
*Self pat* You made it Yin Yin. Don't stop moving.