Saturday, March 25, 2017

Talk to yourself.10 - Mist Cleared

I received an SMS from FEDEX on last Saturday after la coffee session & on my way to go home, saying that I have a parcel scheduled delivery on Tuesday. MEH. As usual I close it immediately and take it as a "SPAM" message. But I got the instinct feel this message got something different this time, programmer mode on, because the URL look so formal! And tried to online tracking, WOW, really got tracking information, and its delivering from CHINA to office!

Inspector mode on, who the surprise from? And another shit is it's scheduled to be delivered on Tuesday 6pm. OT parcel!

End up I really received the parcel on Wednesday noon time. Frogs group was excited with the mystery parcel too "really got parcel" "is that a bomb, yaya is that u delivered a bomd to FF" "did u ordered something" "is that surprise from zw" "qidai"

And end up, once I un-parcel and saw the books name, I know its from Mei3!

This is the Chinese version of the book I gifted to her when she is leaving FF :) Thank You Very Much! I LOVE IT SO MUCH!

Finally applied for Starbucks Card.
Card design look so class. LOL.

I actually started to that spent too much on la coffee weekly. Today I almost decided not to visit Starbucks, but end up I'm here, and up to now, I'm already here for 4 hours!

But it's okay. And I'm glad I visited. Today is a very fruitful la coffee session. I gained super duper a lot!!

Finally this week coming to the end of the transition - or I can declare its ended, everything (on myself) started to have the engine on and moving on slowly. (cannot be chiong ahhh from the beginning)

Stop moving on is a very scary things, I couldn't understand before I experience it and before I see the actual case. DAMN. I not gonna have myself going into that way. NO WAY!

New targets on, new plans on, fight for next week! Move on move on!

Practice of the week : 情非得已 - scale version, with tempo applied. I wish I can finish this as soon as possible, because I'm very very very interested on the strum version of this song!

Ah, come to end of term again, so fast! Last few weeks I'm still unsure should I continue to have one more term. But it seems like now is the start of guitar game! Some skills learnt, and next I gonna learn how to apply and play them. And it's very interesting now when here comes to a compile version of skill(s) plus rhythm.

吉他方面也加油吧! :)