Saturday, March 18, 2017

Talk to yourselft.9 - Mind Block

It's my birthday week on Tuesday 14Mar! Happy Birthday. MEH. ZW treat me a buffet at three little? little three? or little tree? tree little? ARH Forgot. I suppose is a relax buffet restaurant, so I attempt to dress cincai. END UP ITS buffet in Hotel at Orchard! Then I ask him "why you din warn me its a little class buffet!" And he said "这是常识好吗?"


Luckily I didn't end up wearing short pants and T-shirt which I really about to. And I bet he will not tell OR warning me even I really do that. WELL. Thanks for the great buffet, I love it :D

Relax topic ended.

There is always a line in between 2 persons, slim one or fat one, it matter. Some people very jin-gak, attempt to use the slim line, and cross it with some sweet talk. But it's ok, ending up the line will become wider.
You got the widest line I ever have. Congrat.
And I got new experience. Congrat.

Mind Block vs See through. I found it sometimes very abstract. When I tot I see through, how would I know maybe it's a mind block. When I tot I'm on mind block, how would I know maybe that's a temporary stop after a see through. Recently keep mind hitting wall, the "smooth walk path" getting shorter and shorter, every few steps there is a block. zhap-ziok on something #niwawa

Hmmm. After 6 weeks of playing AS. Well, block again. Started to lost interest of adding-to-do-items-and-keep-adding-and-adding-adding-add-ahhhh and task-read-pick-investigate-n-assign routine. On Thursday of this week, I made a notes to myself when I noticed I getting bored on this kind of job activities.
Stop all planned targets.
Stop Yin Yin. Just stop there now.
I couldn't proceed for now before I'm ready to proceed
WOW, lost passion is very scary things? Lost passion and choose to give up is even more scary!

But when I view back when la-ing coffee now...with the new attributes come in, with my on-going to-do plans started for this month. I think this might be the chance to blurry focus but push on instead. Head tag Head tag Head tags ahhhh!

Blurry focus, because I know what I want achieve, but I still not yet figure out HOW! I'm actually also kind of person that react only after an action...

Well. What's next week targets?

1 and 2 and 3 and 4 and don't have 5.
This week lesson 1st saw Taugeh >> ♩ ♪ ♫ << Taugeh
Scale practice got to continue. Left hand palm muscle very pain. Continue for one month maybe can do coding chio-er. QiDai.

Z asked me some questions about coding today...before the lesson? during or after the lesson? arh forgot, but im surprise. I stun for a while, I'm programmer, but recently I'm not in coding mode. Ooo but next week maybe there should be some "chance(ssss)" to get back to programmer mode...and from there maybe I can 找回初衷.

Coding make xiangfa.

Another 1 week for the game. 好好玩吧。