Saturday, April 8, 2017

Talk to yourself.12 - Headache

Today's la coffee session sooooo long, since 12pm with SY and W, moving from Tiramisu to BaoMaker. Reason being is...BaoMaker chair nicer and coffee nicer and..we need to sit another few hours & T-people keep bear us. LOL. The main focus is on SY & ePortal cosmestic changes. Well, think still lost control because it not suppose to take this long - or haven been controlled before!

fanxing ah yinyin

Got to have some focus on this matter start from next week.
side notes: BaoMaker got "熟人", have to think 1 2 3 times before visit there next time.😶

Finally FF have KL office, with KL team. New colleague is a hyper guy. 年轻真好。I used to innocent like him too (but not hyper). What killing the stamina? What killing the dream? *sifatt, you never set dream before.😠

Today still headache. Continuous for 1 whole week. So I gather this is because........I have a bad sleep for this week. Got to sleep early. Healthy life. Because old jor. Aiks.

Doing rhythm practice this week. Damn. When I first try during the class, I thought I can never make it for my whole life. Z said "you have to disconnect your both hands!"
But they are connected!

End up I realized, he means have your brain to disconnect them.


But glad, finally I still make it. Think next time coding can chio-er, because I can have left right leg/hand disconnected now.😏

Disconnect. This term is very interesting here. The reason I have this rhythm practice this week is due to my very failing strumming skill on last 2 weeks practice, Z said I play those chords like they are not connected. And I have this for 2 weeks but I still can't get the idea!
| C | Cm7 | C7 | Cm7 |
↓ ↓ ↓↑ ↑↓ ↓↑

Another week passed, then only I manage to get myself to ask the key question..."How is the BPM place for these strumming directions?" Yuan lai, I never get this 4 fellas right on the tempo, is because I never understand how they should be in place!! This is like I never able to write a chio email, when I can't understand what is that system about! 所以说有些东西不了解的话真的很难装pro. #DontForceMe

But this is interesting practice, even sometimes a bit wuliao, as in keep tap tap tap tap tap. But what I actually want to achieve is to tap with my brain able to think other things in the same time. LOL.