Saturday, April 15, 2017

Talk to yourself.13 - Headache

Another headache week. How can this headache last so long? 2 weeks! Told people around me if I suddenly baobi, please burn me. I'm serious. I don't want ong under ground for years!!

Maybe next week should visit doctor if still the same.

And I better leave some last words?
- personal insurance bought ✔
- house loan insurance bought ✔
Ok. Safe.

I tot this will be a peaceful week, but I'm wrong, its very not peace compare with normal days, just because new project finally released. "Finally released" caused the longer term maintenance & support, resources occupied, what a waste, and shouldn't have this for long term but it still going this way. Not healthy. One of the key may due to the working pattern of both internal & external team involved. Ask and Give, so it comes to ask ask ask and ask.

Been force to do somethings that you not interested can be demotivated. Sometimes, you look "granted" to handle somethings, but actually there are lot of spaces that stay & keep for their so call "future".以防万一. I got the idea. So I choose to release. I'm not a fighter. 大家都是斯文人. And the opposite will still trying to hold hand "来,我们都是最棒的".

Disappointment is a big ruined, I told. Even though I'm always kind and forgiveness, but it doesn't mean I will forget the experience gained :)

Good Friday week, after few weeks run, decided to stop this week. Stay at home lay-lay-har.
Books on home desk are growing. LOL

No la kopi this week, got plenty of times doing something at home. But ended up the activities are....reading & guitar practice, and goes loop. But still feel good! Except the headache. niwawa

Oh, at least I got Ros fixed with 2 putus string. Why this fella strings always break when V-zai did't even break once for 5 years. I shall buy a better quality string next round. Or it's my change string skill problem?

I found something weird. I've a missing piece of memories that I suppose remember, but I can't recall every single details. That's my life debts. Maybe...couldn't recall is also a part of the punishments.

Rhythm test passed. LOL
Another chords changing practice. And my least favorite chords library just got updated with Bm7 this week. ARHHHHHH! WHYYYYYY!!!

No class next week, so here comes to have 2 set of practice from last lesson, plus the Mute practice I gave to myself. Mute seems like an art, look easy yet so difficult. MEH.

OH. Seeing a person with Ukulele LIVE...can be so cute. SHIT. That's a super awesome ratio. Yes Ukulele is only 4 strings and guitar have 6, I didn't see wrongly neither.