Saturday, April 22, 2017

Talk to yourself.14 - headache

Lies, can only keep growing. Because you need more, to cover the previous one.

Heavy topic starting on talk to yourself session this week. Yea. I'm not good. I'm very not good. And I very surprise that this week gone so fast, maybe because mind busy & tired.

On Monday, finally I decided to visit Mr. Doctor. Doctor giap something on my finger, giap something on my wrist, and giap something on my elbow..I guess is to measure heartbeat and blood pressure or something. And he satisfy with the results "expected. shouldn't have any problem for your age group". Doc, I not young liao lor. LOL

Temporary declared that it might due to long hours pc-facing. Then he tried to ask what I'm working as.

MC one day. 久违的MC. Have a good rest, lay on bed whole day, because headache attack once I try to surf net. BUT EXCEPT FACEBOOK! MAGIC! Worst things came after 1 day MC, have to pay back for MC! The another day back to office have very headache activities. End up I got the most serious headache for this 3 weeks. ARH total we have almost 5 hours for 3 separate meeting from 930 to 530! Break my last longest meeting record of 2 continuous meeting for 3 hours in total.

is talk = productive?progressive?
W is right, we being pressed alot by D team when our side choose to eat everything from them. I did realized since last week therefor we change a method for eportal maintenance. And we are going well this week. Will try another week to see is this because D team is inactive by luck or this maintenance method is really suit for this lovely customer.

Still headache now. 3rd week. Hohseh, doctor said better go back do scanning if headache maintain another week. But I will still feel it's my mental problem. LOL.

End up still decided to consume the pain killer med. Aiks.