Sunday, April 30, 2017

Talk to yourself.15 - sticky Bm7

Saw a news from Facebook fan page regarding books that going to publish at 2017..and I never expect I will see a book name 《迷霧之子》 4 and 5! I though this series come to end!真的是重量级中的重量级。I just got book 3 finish on about Jan?or Feb. Each book of the series is 700++ pages! Brandon Sanderson is a writing monster. Well, I'm happy with the news still :D

Jira discussion come out a new rules - time logging on task. I complaint the unfair to team, because AS work log definition is different from SW project. So the discussion goes into progress, and finally we come out with the purpose of work log on AS / SW which the statistic might playing a different role & having a different statistic behavior compare in between this 2 types of "project".

So, I'm happy with log for meeting :D

New data to collect, maybe 2 weeks. But someone asked, what to do after log?


ePortal having a better pace this week, another peace week. Force D team to agree the priorities & focus on phase 2 items before the end of this week, and yes the list agreed. Hopefully we can keep the sequence in the coming week (shorter week due to holiday on Monday and my off on Friday). But at least is growing to a healthier progress bar now.

Having a chance to conference meeting with Autho Team from USA. Professional support team. They been trying to siam conference call quite sometime (D team favourite, and FF always happy to entertain), end up D team success to catch them for a meeting. But the behavior, attitude, focus and tone during the conference call is something hit my mind. He is calm, and focus on the agenda. But they also do smoke attender during the conference "Just few lines of code". That's how we survive, with smoke. :D

Perhaps this is one of the advantage, with no-account-manager rules assigned. No one have the responsibility to entertain a customer with passion, which we are been forcing now. Maybe the guy lose in a 石头剪刀布 among his team , so he gotto attend the meeting. :'D

Anyway, this week target is to slower the pace, yes, even slower.

Long weekend week, everyone in team off from town! Only me here LOL. ARGH, I miss home.

Went to BaoMakers after guitar class replacement yesterday. First time I tried to la kopi with pure reading session. I do regret that I didn't bring my laptop but only when I feel sleepy on the 1st 20 minutes of the reading. Luckily, the book started to come into excited scene and I'm awake. I got to leave for another appointment after 2 hours reading, but at that moment I hope I can still sit and read another 30 minutes!

Well, still a good book. And good pure reading la kopi session.

NEX Starbucks reopened after 3 weeks renovation. Today coming for another la kopi session with writing purpose. Er, they renovated with nice floor and counter...I manage to get a seat with 2 persons desk and cushion chair after waited for 10 mins, I feel guilty, as I'm alone but have to occupy a 2 person desk. Did consider to swap to single seat if there are applicable but luckily I din, because they have a backless chair for single person seat!! I think that chair can't have me to seat > 1 hour. 腰会酸。This is the most bad arrangement on this upgrade. :(
Visited at 205pm, long queue at counter, crowded, no seat.
2.20pm, no queue, but seat still limited (consider no seat).
3.23pm, no queue, seat still limited (consider no seat).
3.30pm, start queue, seat full. Have to wait for seat.

Seems...have to survey for less crowded Starbucks that can visit during weekend...

Crazy plan A forming in mind. Stage 1 - Research.

Missed 2 weeks class. I almost forgot what teacher look like. LOL. Z asked me to give him a song, in a sudden. I never prepared, and I seldom listen to English song! I just able to pui out "Shape of you"...thanks to V. That day he mentioned "can't do coding if I din listen shape of you today", a method of his to complain office radio is not on.

So, this week learn Shape Of You with 3 techniques - picking, plucking & strumming. Hmmm, and with mute for rhythm. Mute is one that I need more guidance.

How lucky, I have new least favorite bar chords since last 2 week - Bm7. And this week, Bm7 is also in the song Shape of You!! That's a trap I set to myself.....After few practices, my finger head look red and pain now. But the rhythm just too nice to have me stop from playing, even it's just keep repeating.

Appreciate the lesson I could have now, as not going to sign another term for a while :( Sad. I really hope that I can continue the learning on guitar :( Haiz.