Saturday, May 13, 2017

Talk to yourself.16 - be responsible

Combine 2 weeks talk-to-yourself article, went back kampong last week, miss the chance to do writeup *借口借口!* #Well

Con-call, but why concall.
Having concall with N team from USA last week. At first I tried to keep my chill mode, until I notice they have the concall with teatime mode. Bad impression, at least to me. They just want to have a chitchat session when all enquiries that we asked through email were ended up answered by email replies after the call. Sad we tried our best to coordinate to make this happen, at 8PM.

N team vs A team, both of them are from USA. But different attitude and impression towards a "meeting" - one with AS mode, another not. What is AS for, what is support for, what is concall for.

D team weekly meeting this week hit my mind when they show me a brand new sub-but-super-long list. Then I realize, this is not a weekly meeting, this is a weekly wishlist submission session. Exposure is just too high. Hm? Ooooooo..Okay, next week target : lower exposure (Mission code #3)!

Mission code #2 - slower pace
Last 3-4 weeks I'm trying to slower down ePortal team's pace, by not affecting by customer's always-super-urgent-and-never-ending-todo list. Mmmmmmmm, now seems we are wandering fine now, the speed just nice, will maintain with this until further notice.

Not only for ePortal team, but also others that might involve. I used to hate timeline planning and let customer to decide the timeline for us and always ganjiong/OT/rush/rush/and rush to meet those silly deadline. Thanks, now I understand how timeline schedule could help us, so damn important, and never ever feel ashame when we propose a timeline, because we deserve it, our team deserve it. #niwawa
When I'm trying hard to have healthy schedule, there is always 小插曲.
p/s: Be responsible, for every items you choose to pickup. It's actually not a shit, why you scare?
If you think it's helping when you are ignoring a person's comment, then you are doing it wrong. Really. Xing Xing ah.

//End of social topic

Notes for you:

She is a silly sis. lol.

Im home last week! last since CNY. Good re-charge :)

-This honeydew really huge-

-home plant passion fruit, they looks cute, i dont remember this things so tall when im home last time-
-hopefully tgg wont saw this photo, but it looks nice frankly speaking-

Addicted to The Painted Man by Peter V.Brett. Like the story so much! Back to the purely-like-reading mode feels good! May now, so happening these few months..since Dec 2016. Everything just happening so fast, and moving so fast. But unfortunately, some might not willing to move along.

Went to starbucks for a cappucino take away. Teammates said I so class, go Starbucks dabao Kopi. LOL. Because its free credit, and I need a coffee!!

-and hidden message from staff 😂 -

Ming Yen ask me look around if the staff left his phone # on the cup too. SHIT! So experience!!

This week guitar practice with this..DIY by practice!

Suppose I should continue the strum + mute practice from last 2 weeks, but balik kampung over weekend. Strum practice is a practice that most difficult to arrange...because...too loud. Aiks. That's why I choose to cancel class instead so I might have another week to practice....but seems,not really. 我对不起我的吉他 T_T