Saturday, May 27, 2017

Talk to yourself.18 - granted

A tag team mode, all about cooperation. :) Effective methods? Mmmmmm Just following instructions.

Another meetings week, meeting events never die. I even have 230pm to 7pm meeting from internal to external - 4.5hours. For all over the same topics on D-Team's 20 items. Well. 4.5 productive hours spent in this one's fault, all about arrangement and I'm granted to sit in and listen.

New projects handled this week - GM & B2C. On board with a jump ship method. Mission code #3 lower exposure, not success still. Well, weird role.

#跟傻佩晶聊天 之fi li feh leh
Please just study hard. LOL

Last Friday I've been thinking a lot of things in bus when I'm on my way to office, and the moment I notice, the bus is stopping on the station which I should alight, but NO ONE PRESSED BELL! I can hardly press and luckily the bus driver did trying to stop because normally a lot of passengers alight here, but weird why this day they don't. End up only me rush down from the bus. ARG. so paiseh. I can sensed the girl sitting beside me bear me when I rushing to leave my seat, I'm sorry.


Then I saw this from FB. I got level 3 😂

I got a stress dream from nap today. Dream of been abandoned, to achieve what we want. I bike all the way here and there, to hit the missions and find what I should found, 0 cruel with list of items to achieve. End up I got stuck at a train transit. And dream ended. wth dream is this, I don't even remember what I'm looking for, but its very stress and tiring, the whole dream is keep cycling inside an under path here and weekend nap...

Urgh, crawling for book <金翅雀 The goldfinch>, weird why this book is not selling in both & Popular Malaysia. And selling at S$41.71 from Kino SG, RM106.87 from Kino Msia, WHY THE HELL SO EXPENSIVE! Never mind, wait the chance, 时机未到。Go for <迷雾之子番外篇> first.

This week have "playing with song" practice. Only 2 lessons spent for the new songs - 林俊杰 会有那么一天. I'm surprise. And got to get a new song for next lesson..shit. Well, should be a last or last 2 songs I could have. +U ba.

Alexis asked why do I stop guitar lesson. Errrr Eeeee Ermmm. LOL. Cute Alexis, I will miss the days that we chitchat while waiting for lessons 😂 18 years old girls normally don't drink coffee I suppose? 姐姐等你长大了带你去喝咖啡。LOL