Sunday, July 2, 2017

Talk to yourself.19 - What's next?

Last since May. Stop posting for TTYS series blog post every week is not because that I'm lazy, but due to another consideration : think-before-write. Too public, is a problem. Too private? macam is a problem also. Mafan ah.

That's actually quite a lot of "moods" in one month.

I keep moving, I keep the pace, until it become a natural move, tot that we are coming from same directions and heading to same directions. But with a shock hit, I got recalled why am I standing here, alone. With who, for what, since when, where to go, and what's next. Sometimes things are not moving with a targets, but a natural moves, just because it's a habit that already formed into a shape. I don't know what is the reason now, I can't even find a reason to self convince now. You too? Do you?

Until I doubt and question - why? Just why.


Clean up your mind,and...
language is a powerful communication method created by creator of the world (? whoever), I really believe so. But why! Why sometimes there are peoples that don't choose to speak out clearly when they actually have requests form in mind. Why!! So difficult meh!! Drop into such communications is even more tiring than the forceful game, mind tired. Giksim.

The game still moving on. Forceful game. It's actually tiring at first stage, but human is the living creature that have strong skills in adapt to a new environment. So when the game doesn't have new shocks, ingredients, rules, magics anymore, it brings to "immune". and boring. and in the end, when you look through, they are disappointed.


If nothing new, why don't just leave me in peace. Can? Can? Can?

This week moving on for another targets for the secret project. Anyway it's not a secret anymore. because可以出来见人了.....Research over the Raya Weekend, for DEMO PREPARATION. Dark circle also come out liao.
The whole project, planning since March? With ideas, positions, flows, tools, environments -- is a good components collecting progress. And finally all these hardworks come into a very very brief version power point with 23 slides. LOL

Thanks for all the teammates. THIS IS CALL TEAMWORK! TEAMWORK AHHHH! Without you guys, I cannot focus to make it complete! for 1st stage. Well, excited keep short, the next is coming, with a real teamwork have to involved. :)

Next main focus
1. project code #PS - up for product web page + documentation
2. project code #NP - eWallet

Jira project management summary...hmm. Team is playing with task count recent weeks.
Last 14 days...I have 59 items created, 6 of them pending, 26 of them tasks arranged to teammates, 33 self feeds.
Hmmmmmm...before this statistic introduced, I never expect these's a bit scary, no? 2 weeks 59 tasks, this is only from me! we said "I'm busy", but no visibility. Now with visibility available, the environment is clear, too clear, very clear. Overload, healthy, efficient, fast & furious, I mean fast. Either we realize it's overload, or we think that we have a balance workload. Fine, I'm still balance and healthy one.

During the bazhang day, and staying alone in SG. End up, I still didn't eat dao 粽子, what in english...xxxx rice something. Damn. And coincidentally I got to propose a new song for Guitar lesson - 3000 miles away. huh? I miss home. Ok la, I know my home is just 300km away. Not so far. But still, I miss home. 😂

I always attempt to clean my desk. But always, end up, it become more full.
Seems like I'm building camp in office.
Damn. OT no more.

And finally,
Today is my last guitar lesson.
Thanks King George's Music Academy!
Thanks Alexis! and yea, when you start drink black kopi, please text me. Jie Jie bring you go la kopi.
Thanks Darius for a short part time assist! I believe you will gain students that will say "I miss you" to you too!
and thanks Z aka Zacharie aka Zack Shreds for the few months teaching! Enjoy your NS, and enjoy your carrier in future. I can imagine it will be fun!

They are a good music school team, I appreciate the thoughtful teaching & guidance for this 1234567 months. And the young energetic in team. Damn, I not old too k! Just that we are in different generation.

But frankly speaking, they are inspiring, like...they know what they want, and they are working hard & playing harder to achieve.

When they come into consideration about transferring transition, hmmmmm..that's made me feel the world is so ironically. As a student there, I don't allow myself to judge their experience & expertise with their age. Yea they are young, so what. The fact is, they are a professional in this field. Just leave it to them and trust them, they are willing to share everything.

Sincerely hope they have the best of luck in all of their future endeavors. Group of young & energetic fellas, looking forward! :)

Back to last week of October 2016. I attended for the first trial lesson, hmmm I actually have a firm decision to sign for term, but since I can have a trial rate for a session, why not? LOL. There is a bit of psycho barrier actually,
1) learn at this age? really ma?
2) music environment, environment that we don't usually have chance to approach to?
That's actually the problem that always stop a non-musician to move the first step. And what, the people around will show a shock face "huh you learning music? at this age?" MEHHHHHH. End up I drag this for 5 years. I bought my guitar 5 years ago, attempt to self learning, and end up leave it with spiderweb for 5 years.

But when I moved my step to look into different world, then I noticed there are lots of people doing the same thing, learn instrument in different age, I'm not the special ones, but I'm special when I choose what myself preferred. And ironically, the so call "unfamiliar world" is actually always welcome us. No one actually stopping you, but yourself. I glad that I moved. Well, even I pause now. Pause, but not stop. LOL

This CNY I brought my guitar home for a long holiday. My family shocked. But they never ever have a single negative comment on my own life, my mom & my father as cool as usual like they see guitar see dao boring liao, my sisters tried to momo guitar said "i never touch before", my bro take from me and told me he know how to play 海阔天空 end up he can't strum a single chord, my niece & nephew just sit beside and look at me even I practicing the same chords for hours.

And when I back at April, my father told me "I asked xxx to customize a tall chair, you can play guitar with it!" And I received this photo after I back to SG from the short break.
I love them. They are the coolest family members in the world. I always love them.

By the way, there is a special thing I noticed since I join the lesson - timing. Their timing concept is really something very different and fun. If the class is 7pm, you reach at 6.45pm, that's "very early". If you reach at 6.55pm, that's "early". If you reach at 7pm, that's perfect timing. WTHUAK! It's like you must have a perfect strum on perfect timing, zhoon zhoon. LOL

Well, thanks to myself for choosing to move for this step. Good job Yin2 *pat shoulder

Yes, I will keep playing guitar.