Saturday, March 4, 2017

Talk to yourselft.7 - Jira Account Service 100th Milestone

LUCKILY I did realize when I created the 100th items. Else the No.100th item will be a create debtor task! That's sound sad...

Took the 100th item as an overview item on this DTDC BOARD + AS Role. And applied the following write up to the Description. This write up is more self control, as in from a company's perspective. But personally I will still have few advice to myself - never engross into this role, convert the experience into a story, else I will just keep doing what others asked me to do, what kind of person that others want me be. That's sound sad too. There's alot method to advance a task - met others'expectation, or met myown expectation.

Someone asked me, why do I do writing. The reason is very simple, because I want remember the moment before I forget. After months or years when I view back, I can still get the spirit of each writeup, that's the point :)

Ok. Been manage & follow up task from Jira for 4 weeks and this day DTDC AS board hit 100th items. Well, 100th been took as a review of whole DTDC AS. - I don't want a "create debtor" task as our 100th item, that's look sad.

We got 100. I perhaps quantity <> quality. But does this number spoke? So many items in only 1 month, wondering how do we trace before jira introduce. cs - is that enough?

For DTDC practice, we have Excel Spreadsheet & Google Docs prepared by DTDC team, and we follow up by the method they arranged - update their arrange docs, reply their email that keep repeating the same items but in different email, and most of the time we will have multiple different topics been mixed into single email conversation forcefully, an email thread will never able to closed in this case. - my practice is to add a notes on the email and mention that we will follow up from another dedicated email conversation which it is existed. And in Jira? Of course also a dedicated item. I do make a notes to note down the email subject in the Jira task description, easier look back & follow up when I got any updates.

Everyweek is a transition to adapt this new role, and every transition is a challenge

- Understand and use jira features - what I can use from this system
- Try to adapt and pick best practice - how can I utilize them
- Trying to understand the role range and coverage - personal review on the responsibility towards our customer (DTDC) and our team.
- Practice getting steady, and role start rolling smooth - started to get everything in track, handle with experience and care. And suddenly boost 100th items.

How this change my way to work in one month?

- Found out the communications method from customer to internal
- Arrange and coordinate a request internally and externally
- Discussion made at the 1st place when implications involved, raised team communication openly.
- Follow up and follow up and follow up! - never miss an item that required review and update from DTDC team anymore!

Frankly speaking, as I need to understand customer's request, and in between I need to understand what is current limitation in our system? why this request been raised? how can we make it? and how long can we make it? Is this a short term do-able changes? Or we have a higher aim for a solution? With all this, I have a higher communication rate with the team internally to follow up each case compare to last time.

Physically, I try to have over view on the board, surprisingly the summary bar is healthy! 70% done, green green bar! With all items been chasing here and there, adding here and there, actually internally there is still a standard "procedure" that bring the item from open to close stage. :)

On this board and this role, my next try is to bring the prioritize level attributes in to my items, try story/task issues type (I believe AS board will have allot alot of STORY!), and thinking to slice task into bigger size, but that would mean I will need to get back to customer in longer time - let's try.

With attributes that going to apply from next item, I believe we will be able to view more results from the next 50/100 item :)

My guitar lesson currently focus on song that I proposed last...2 3 4 5 6 weeks (not remember when) - More than this by One Direction, arranged by Z. So chio, I still don't know how they can come out all the notes & bar chords by just listening to the music. Maybe is like others will not know how can we code out a system by listening to the request? (seems like this is a super weak example)

| C | Am | G | Em F | x2
| Am | G | F | F G |
| C Am | G | Dm C | G |
| C Am | G | Dm C | G |
| Dm | Bb | F | C |
| Dm | Bb | F | C |

Verse - 1
Pre Chorus
Verse - 2
Pre Chorus
Chorus - strum
Bridge - strum
Chorus - strum

Actually I doesn't addicted to this all. But it's requested to have a song for I borbian spent my time to dig youtube for English song that I-Might-Like-It. And finally. I wonder how long I spent. What to do, I really seldom listening to music. (But I like guitar????)

Bridge part is having the party of my least-favorite bar chords, but surprisingly I like the tone at this part the most! Sounds very good and relaxing? (how come today my writing weird weird de)

I having alot of practice on Bar Chords recently, erm, not "alot", I mean I'm focus on Bar Chords practice, then notice last Friday I pressed bar chords shape on my keyboard while I'm coding and attempt to hit the split windows shortcut! I PRESSED F BAR CHORDS!! I immediately hold my hand into fist when I notice. I mix up my 2 favorite(?) things. This is so weird. Now I know the most important part of my body is FINGER. LOL