Saturday, May 27, 2017

Talk to yourself.18 - granted

A tag team mode, all about cooperation. :) Directly push in hardcore way, one siam by granted, one by directly pushing you into situation so you are being forced to pickup the same. Effective methods? Mmmmmm Just following instructions.

If by listening to questions/requests can successfully train a person, then congratulations.

Another meetings week, meeting events never die. I even have 230pm to 7pm meeting from internal to external - 4.5hours. For all over the same topics on D-Team's 20 items. Well. 4.5 productive hours spent in this one's fault, all about arrangement and I'm granted to sit in and listen.

New projects handled this week - GM & B2C. On board with a jump ship method. AKA. 我是被逼的!LOL

Mission code #3 lower exposure, not success still, keep been push to front line. Well, weird role. The role is losing definition and purpose for higher management level. 讽刺的是, team understand this role better. How can this be.

#跟傻佩晶聊天 之fi li feh leh
Please just study hard. LOL

Last Friday I've been thinking a lot of things in bus when I'm on my way to office, and the moment I notice, the bus is stopping on the station which I should alight, but NO ONE PRESSED BELL! I can hardly press and luckily the bus driver did trying to stop because normally a lot of passengers alight here, but weird why this day they don't. End up only me rush down from the bus. ARG. so paiseh. I can sensed the girl sitting beside me bear me when I rushing to leave my seat, I'm sorry.


Then I saw this from FB. I got level 3 😂

This week have "playing with song" practice. Only 2 lessons spent for the new songs - 林俊杰 会有那么一天. I'm surprise. And got to get a new song for next lesson..shit. Well, should be a last or last 2 songs I could have. +U ba.

Alexis asked why do I stop guitar lesson. Errrr Eeeee Ermmm. LOL. Cute Alexis, I will miss the days that we chitchat while waiting for lessons 😂 18 years old girls normally don't drink coffee I suppose? 姐姐等你长大了带你去喝咖啡。LOL

Friday, May 26, 2017

【心得】《決戰王妃5:為愛加冕》 大結局呀

決戰王妃5:為愛加冕 綺拉.凱斯


整個故事有點拖泥帶水,其實根本就預料到競選會失敗,就那個感覺。因為女主根本就沒對候選人有情愫啊!雖然最後那個人我確實有點驚訝,沒預料到的(你根本沒嘗試預料!) 後半部故事反而還比較有意思,但是太急促了,好可惜啊。難道作者這本書不能寫超過300頁的嗎。

聽說還有一本番外篇。書要看到最後啊 好不好 😏


  1. 「這不是話,這是蒲公英啦。」「我知道。有人覺得是種子,有人覺得是花。見仁見智囉。」
  2. 我們都向前奔向未來,卻不保證從此過著幸福快樂的日子。無論如何,只要我們努力向前奔跑就有意義了,不是嗎?
  3. 好像只有用吼的,才能表現出他們有多堅定。
  4. 愛情即是命中注定,也需要細心計劃;愛情可以無限美好,也可以是場大災難。


Sunday, May 21, 2017

Talk to yourself.17 - Don't touch my timeline

Everyone got a bad habit - like to add own instructions on top others instructions. Like I gave a timeline on 31st May, and D team want to add notes "live on 1st June, test from 25th May". It's annoying and show that they do not respect my arrangement. But it's ok, experience gain, next time I can have 5 more working days delay due to "testing" stage required.

Mission code #3 - low exposure, doing well, but only for ePortal. LOL. Since this mission code is out, I got a weird question spinning in my head this whole week. Shit, since when I got to show face for GO,FFDX,Reporting, and WHY. This role is getting weird. 我只想静静的做个arrangement & software developer. Okay, mission code #3 continue again for another week, gambateh!


When something happen, should we do the necessary or do the correct one. The answer I got, is do the correct one. #我又长大了

Headache hit again over the weekend and why on Sunday, so damn pain.

Next class got to propose a new song. Maybe, a Chinese song that used to be meaningful for me or us. Hopefully the song will not kena reject as my teacher seems prefer an English song. #DontCareLiao

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Talk to yourself.16 - be responsible

Combine 2 weeks talk-to-yourself article, went back kampong last week, miss the chance to do writeup *借口借口!* #Well

Con-call, but why concall.
Having concall with N team from USA last week. At first I tried to keep my chill mode, until I notice they have the concall with teatime mode. Bad impression, at least to me. They just want to have a chitchat session when all enquiries that we asked through email were ended up answered by email replies after the call. Sad we tried our best to coordinate to make this happen, at 8PM.

N team vs A team, both of them are from USA. But different attitude and impression towards a "meeting" - one with AS mode, another not. What is AS for, what is support for, what is concall for.

D team like to talk, + like to talk. Hmmmm, at least the method we talk, is not progressive.

D team weekly meeting this week hit my mind when they show me a brand new sub-but-super-long list. Then I realize, this is not a weekly meeting, this is a weekly wishlist submission session for D team; this is a weekly customer entertain session for +. Seems like entertaining them is part of our job. Its make me feel like 陪坐。 Feeling disgusting, and meaningless. I don't understand why are we making this happen, why we need to try hard to entertain. Exposure is just too high for D team. Hm? Ooooooo..Okay, next week target : lower exposure (Mission code #3)!

Mission code #2 - slower pace
Last 3-4 weeks I'm trying to slower down ePortal team's pace, by not affecting by D team always-super-urgent-and-never-ending-todo list. Mmmmmmmm, now seems we are wandering fine now, the speed just nice, will maintain with this until further notice.

Not only for ePortal team, but also others that might involve. I used to hate timeline planning and let D team to decide the timeline for us and always ganjiong/OT/rush/rush/and rush to meet those silly deadline. Thanks, now I understand how timeline schedule could help us, so damn important, and never ever feel ashame when we propose a timeline, because we deserve it, our team deserve it. #niwawa
When I'm trying hard to have healthy schedule, there is always 小插曲.
p/s: Be responsible, for every items you choose to pickup. It's actually not a shit, why you scare?
If you think it's helping when you are ignoring a person's comment, then you are doing it wrong. Really. Xing Xing ah.

//End of social topic

Notes for you:

She is a silly sis. lol.

Im home last week! last since CNY. Good re-charge :)

-This honeydew really huge-

-home plant passion fruit, they looks cute, i dont remember this things so tall when im home last time-
-hopefully tgg wont saw this photo, but it looks nice frankly speaking-

Addicted to The Painted Man by Peter V.Brett. Like the story so much! Back to the purely-like-reading mode feels good! May now, so happening these few months..since Dec 2016. Everything just happening so fast, and moving so fast. But unfortunately, some might not willing to move along.

Went to starbucks for a cappucino take away. Teammates said I so class, go Starbucks dabao Kopi. LOL. Because its free credit, and I need a coffee!!

-and hidden message from staff 😂 -

Ming Yen ask me look around if the staff left his phone # on the cup too. SHIT! So experience!!

This week guitar practice with this..DIY by practice!

Suppose I should continue the strum + mute practice from last 2 weeks, but balik kampung over weekend. Strum practice is a practice that most difficult to arrange...because...too loud. Aiks. That's why I choose to cancel class instead so I might have another week to practice....but seems,not really. 我对不起我的吉他 T_T

Friday, May 12, 2017


魔印人 彼得.布雷特

很好看!很好看!很好看!!! 很重要所以要說三次! 最高紀錄看到了凌晨三點、連續在la kopi時看了兩個小時、回鄉時候的6個小時長途巴士上看不停,還會在工作時間把故事混進了coding。真的很好看啊啊啊啊。


故事背景是一個地心惡魔在太陽下山後會冒出來殺人的世界,唯一安全的地方是魔印圈裡面。魔印,就是一些抵擋惡魔的繪圖 - 攻擊型、防禦型、轉換型、之類的繪圖。而地心惡魔,分為石,火,風木和沙惡魔。





這三個人,怎麼看都是過著自己的人生卻息息相關。我一開始看就好奇到底這三個人要怎麼樣相遇...知道羅傑和黎莎碰面的時候,真讓我興奮! 最後他們的人生相扣於前往伐木窪地的路途。帶著各自數年裡練得的才能,魔印人、藥草師、吟遊詩人,他們成了很棒的組合而守護住了伐木窪地。


最後,這本書真的 很.好.看.


  1. 這是密爾恩的傳統。世界因為人類而運轉,而人類又是因為母親而出來的,所以她們有權主導一切。
  2. 侮辱人不會讓你更富有。
  3. 不要怪自己太謹慎。
  4. 人生不是只有躺在男人下面幫他生孩子而已。
  5. 讓其他人決定你的價值,你就輸定了,因為沒有人希望其他人比自己更有價值。
  6. 男孩在女孩面前就是比較吃虧。
  7. 它隨時提醒她的不是自己學到了多少東西,而是還有多少沒有學到。
  8. 以豐富的人生經驗而言,歲月累積而成的怪癖只是微不足道的小缺點。
  9. 他們或許很愚蠢、很任性,但若是面臨困境,他們就會流露善良的本性。


Sunday, April 30, 2017

Talk to yourself.15 - sticky Bm7

Saw a news from Facebook fan page regarding books that going to publish at 2017..and I never expect I will see a book name 《迷霧之子》 4 and 5! I though this series come to end!真的是重量级中的重量级。I just got book 3 finish on about Jan?or Feb. Each book of the series is 700++ pages! Brandon Sanderson is a writing monster. Well, I'm happy with the news still :D

Jira discussion come out a new rules - time logging on task. I complaint the unfair to team, because AS work log definition is different from SW project. So the discussion goes into progress, and finally we come out with the purpose of work log on AS / SW which the statistic might playing a different role & having a different statistic behavior compare in between this 2 types of "project".

So, I'm happy with log for meeting :D

New data to collect, maybe 2 weeks. But someone asked, what to do after log?


ePortal having a better pace this week, another peace week. Force D team to agree the priorities & focus on phase 2 items before the end of this week, and yes the list agreed. Hopefully we can keep the sequence in the coming week (shorter week due to holiday on Monday and my off on Friday). But at least is growing to a healthier progress bar now.

Having a chance to conference meeting with Autho Team from USA. Professional support team. They been trying to siam conference call quite sometime (D team favourite, and FF always happy to entertain), end up D team success to catch them for a meeting. But the behavior, attitude, focus and tone during the conference call is something hit my mind. He is calm, and focus on the agenda. But they also do smoke attender during the conference "Just few lines of code". That's how we survive, with smoke. :D

Perhaps this is one of the advantage, with no-account-manager rules assigned. No one have the responsibility to entertain a customer with passion, which we are been forcing now. Maybe the guy lose in a 石头剪刀布 among his team , so he gotto attend the meeting. :'D

Anyway, this week target is to slower the pace, yes, even slower.

Long weekend week, everyone in team off from town! Only me here LOL. ARGH, I miss home.

Went to BaoMakers after guitar class replacement yesterday. First time I tried to la kopi with pure reading session. I do regret that I didn't bring my laptop but only when I feel sleepy on the 1st 20 minutes of the reading. Luckily, the book started to come into excited scene and I'm awake. I got to leave for another appointment after 2 hours reading, but at that moment I hope I can still sit and read another 30 minutes!

Well, still a good book. And good pure reading la kopi session.

NEX Starbucks reopened after 3 weeks renovation. Today coming for another la kopi session with writing purpose. Er, they renovated with nice floor and counter...I manage to get a seat with 2 persons desk and cushion chair after waited for 10 mins, I feel guilty, as I'm alone but have to occupy a 2 person desk. Did consider to swap to single seat if there are applicable but luckily I din, because they have a backless chair for single person seat!! I think that chair can't have me to seat > 1 hour. 腰会酸。This is the most bad arrangement on this upgrade. :(
Visited at 205pm, long queue at counter, crowded, no seat.
2.20pm, no queue, but seat still limited (consider no seat).
3.23pm, no queue, seat still limited (consider no seat).
3.30pm, start queue, seat full. Have to wait for seat.

Seems...have to survey for less crowded Starbucks that can visit during weekend...

Crazy plan A forming in mind. Stage 1 - Research.

Missed 2 weeks class. I almost forgot what teacher look like. LOL. Z asked me to give him a song, in a sudden. I never prepared, and I seldom listen to English song! I just able to pui out "Shape of you"...thanks to V. That day he mentioned "can't do coding if I din listen shape of you today", a method of his to complain office radio is not on.

So, this week learn Shape Of You with 3 techniques - picking, plucking & strumming. Hmmm, and with mute for rhythm. Mute is one that I need more guidance.

How lucky, I have new least favorite bar chords since last 2 week - Bm7. And this week, Bm7 is also in the song Shape of You!! That's a trap I set to myself.....After few practices, my finger head look red and pain now. But the rhythm just too nice to have me stop from playing, even it's just keep repeating.

Appreciate the lesson I could have now, as not going to sign another term for a while :( Sad. I really hope that I can continue the learning on guitar :( Haiz.

【心得】《Puck Buddies》

Puck Buddies


這是我第二本Tara Brown的書籍,因為誤打誤撞下得到了amazon的free credit,然後就接觸到了這位網絡作家。我比較喜歡科幻小說啊,但是英文造詣不怎麼見得人,所以英文版只好看些輕便容易嚼的愛情小說了 😂

老實說,這是第二本Tara的書,基本上是puck buddies系列的第二本書。但是作者卻重新把系列排版,然後這本變成了系列首部曲。很可惜啊Tara,這本沒有我看得上一本好哎。如果重新排版,讀者先閱讀這本的話,那她就可能會失去很多的粉絲。因為上一本真的很好看啦!




反正最後故事就是寫說......The End,但是他們倆的故事卻還沒完結。就已經打算入手系列的下一本了。

  1. And beauty forces the world to forgive a variety of sins and flaws.
  2. She's a smart girl. She knows her worth. She just let you know it too.
  3. Girl say the right thing and not the honest thing when it comes to advise about boys.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Talk to yourself.14 - headache

Lies, can only keep growing. Because you need more, to cover the previous one.

Heavy topic starting on talk to yourself session this week. Yea. I'm not good. I'm very not good. And I very surprise that this week gone so fast, maybe because mind busy & tired.

On Monday, finally I decided to visit Mr. Doctor. Doctor giap something on my finger, giap something on my wrist, and giap something on my elbow..I guess is to measure heartbeat and blood pressure or something. And he satisfy with the results "expected. shouldn't have any problem for your age group". Doc, I not young liao lor. LOL

Temporary declared that it might due to long hours pc-facing. Then he tried to ask what I'm working as.

MC one day. 久违的MC. Have a good rest, lay on bed whole day, because headache attack once I try to surf net. BUT EXCEPT FACEBOOK! MAGIC! Worst things came after 1 day MC, have to pay back for MC! The another day back to office have very headache activities. End up I got the most serious headache for this 3 weeks. ARH total we have almost 5 hours for 3 separate meeting from 930 to 530! Break my last longest meeting record of 2 continuous meeting for 3 hours in total.

is talk = productive?progressive?
W is right, we being pressed alot by D team when our side choose to eat everything from them. I did realized since last week therefor we change a method for eportal maintenance. And we are going well this week. Will try another week to see is this because D team is inactive by luck or this maintenance method is really suit for this lovely customer.

Still headache now. 3rd week. Hohseh, doctor said better go back do scanning if headache maintain another week. But I will still feel it's my mental problem. LOL.

End up still decided to consume the pain killer med. Aiks.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Talk to yourself.13 - Headache

Another headache week. How can this headache last so long? 2 weeks! Told people around me if I suddenly baobi, please burn me. I'm serious. I don't want ong under ground for years!!

Maybe next week should visit doctor if still the same.

And I better leave some last words?
- personal insurance bought ✔
- house loan insurance bought ✔
Ok. Safe.

I tot this will be a peaceful week, but I'm wrong, its very not peace compare with normal days, just because new project finally released. "Finally released" caused the longer term maintenance & support, resources occupied, what a waste, and shouldn't have this for long term but it still going this way. Not healthy. One of the key may due to the working pattern of both internal & external team involved. Ask and Give, so it comes to ask ask ask and ask.

Been force to do somethings that you not interested can be so annoyed and demotivated. Sometimes, you look "granted" to handle somethings, but actually there are lot of spaces that stay & keep for their so call "future".以防万一. I got the idea. So I choose to release. I'm not a fighter. 大家都是斯文人. And the opposite will still trying to hold hand "来,我们都是最棒的".

Disappointment is a big ruined, I told. Even though I'm always kind and forgiveness, but it doesn't mean I will forget the experience gained :)

Good Friday week, after few weeks run, decided to stop this week. Stay at home lay-lay-har.
Books on home desk are growing. LOL

No la kopi this week, got plenty of times doing something at home. But ended up the activities are....reading & guitar practice, and goes loop. But still feel good! Except the headache. niwawa

Oh, at least I got Ros fixed with 2 putus string. Why this fella strings always break when V-zai did't even break once for 5 years. I shall buy a better quality string next round. Or it's my change string skill problem?

I found something weird. I've a missing piece of memories that I suppose remember, but I can't recall every single details. That's my life debts. Maybe...couldn't recall is also a part of the punishments.

Rhythm test passed. LOL
Another chords changing practice. And my least favorite chords library just got updated with Bm7 this week. ARHHHHHH! WHYYYYYY!!!

No class next week, so here comes to have 2 set of practice from last lesson, plus the Mute practice I gave to myself. Mute seems like an art, look easy yet so difficult. MEH.

OH. Seeing a person with Ukulele LIVE...can be so cute. SHIT. That's a super awesome ratio. Yes Ukulele is only 4 strings and guitar have 6, I didn't see wrongly neither.


Saturday, April 8, 2017

Talk to yourself.12 - Headache

Today's la coffee session sooooo long, since 12pm with SY and W, moving from Tiramisu to BaoMaker. Reason being is...BaoMaker chair nicer and coffee nicer and..we need to sit another few hours & T-people keep bear us. LOL. The main focus is on SY & ePortal cosmestic changes. Well, think still lost control because it not suppose to take this long - or haven been controlled before!

fanxing ah yinyin

Got to have some focus on this matter start from next week.
side notes: BaoMaker got "熟人", have to think 1 2 3 times before visit there next time.😶

Finally FF have KL office, with KL team. New colleague is a hyper guy. 年轻真好。I used to innocent like him too (but not hyper). What killing the stamina? What killing the dream? *sifatt, you never set dream before.😠

Today still headache. Continuous for 1 whole week. So I gather this is because........I have a bad sleep for this week. Got to sleep early. Healthy life. Because old jor. Aiks.

Doing rhythm practice this week. Damn. When I first try during the class, I thought I can never make it for my whole life. Z said "you have to disconnect your both hands!"
But they are connected!

End up I realized, he means have your brain to disconnect them.


But glad, finally I still make it. Think next time coding can chio-er, because I can have left right leg/hand disconnected now.😏

Disconnect. This term is very interesting here. The reason I have this rhythm practice this week is due to my very failing strumming skill on last 2 weeks practice, Z said I play those chords like they are not connected. And I have this for 2 weeks but I still can't get the idea!
| C | Cm7 | C7 | Cm7 |
↓ ↓ ↓↑ ↑↓ ↓↑

Another week passed, then only I manage to get myself to ask the key question..."How is the BPM place for these strumming directions?" Yuan lai, I never get this 4 fellas right on the tempo, is because I never understand how they should be in place!! This is like I never able to write a chio email, when I can't understand what is that system about! 所以说有些东西不了解的话真的很难装pro. #DontForceMe

But this is interesting practice, even sometimes a bit wuliao, as in keep tap tap tap tap tap. But what I actually want to achieve is to tap with my brain able to think other things in the same time. LOL.