Saturday, March 11, 2017

Talk to yourselft.8 - Define Stress

Satisfaction - some people get from compliments/praise from others, some people get from own target & own aim. Then I noticed I'm the later type. Back to last week, SY said I done ePortal alone, so chio. I got to admit ePortal is my hard time, I remember how I done it alone when everybody try to siam. #niwawa. Big project? BIG. But only ONE as developer, planner, questioner, doer, coder, talker. Self guide, self do, self lead, self siam. FINE. But thanks for this awesome chance that boost me to be more independent, and boost me knowledge in this fields. What doesn't kill me make me stronger.

When all this in, and I'm still here, people define my story as "STRESS". How good this conclusion.

I never think the ePortal is Chio. Code? Every programmer can code. Do? Every programmer can do. The doer know what's real ingredients behind each project. I never have the proud feeling for this project, but its DONE by me that's a fact, that's a truth. If want me to speak out my feeling, I got no feel. Is just a bunch of code that I have to write out with instructions. And tada----the web system is up.

What I proud is, this project doesn't kill me.

Teammates asked me do I show off this website to friends before? WOW, I stunned. Because I really never think to do it before. And I start LAM, WHY? Well. Actually I never show off anythings I done before. Ah...maybe got, for TARC websites, after 7 years, TARC still using the websites implemented by us during internship. MEH. That's a story sharing, don't have any "proud" ingredients inside the story. Trust me.

Tonglisum is a hot topic recently. But yuan lai...tonglisum too over will make people fan-gan. So, please aware yours, Yin Yin.

Recently for AS roles, there is a lot of chances & my turn to hold the ball. But I never think of use that ball on my hand to build another spiking chance like in volleyball, 3 times hitting chance:
1st - steady down own team's pace, and pass the ball to someone that can make attack chance
2nd - set the ball high to build the attack chance
3rd - spiker to jump and attack *hard attack.
2nd/3rd - setter or front line player to soft push the ball, in Chinese we known it 放球。*soft attack
Either one can win ONE mark, when the opponent missed the ball. It's timing issue, and how you able to catch the chance for your team!

Thanks W for reminding me.

Define Stress.
This term, seems like having very wide usage. I stress when people said I look stress.

I wonder do I say others "look stress" before, annoying term. I will never cincai use this term anymore.

ZW told me, when you are in bad mood, try to play guitar 1st, maybe can become better. Sounds Good. Glad I got this activity now, most relax activity after reading - and practice is one of the responsibilities, so its forcing myself to have time that jump out from "city noise". I got a lot of things to play alone, never lonely. #HowComeSoundSad

This week learn Time Signature. Time signature is a weird thing, 8/4 is not equal to 2! But equal to 8! HUAT AH, I'm A PROGRAMMER!
Duk calculator when I gone home. Force the logic answer in. Mind peace now.

Practice of the week - SCALE.

Sad story of short fingers. But this is not an excuse. Practice hard Yin Yin.