Sunday, April 2, 2017

Talk to yourself.11 - evolution of planning

Family chat group gone crazy today. Anyway, is healthy life to wake up early, but if it's with bad news...hmmmmmmm. RIP 阿伯. He have almost all children staying in SG. I hope they did able to make it to see him before he...gone.

Last 2 days Bowl shared me the news on KeKeSe, I totally forgot the existence of this person. He got cancer. Damn. Life sucks, when it is sucks. Bowl said she worried herself, what, this fella got unhealthy life - sleep late, eat and sleep, junk food. But I din try to suggest her to correct her lifestyle but just ask her don't think too much. Because...this kind of things, about luck. There are still people with healthy life chosen for the challenge.

Shit news overflow this week. Seems no news is the best news.

OH. Recently addicted to 狮子合唱团 (LION), actually is only to the Guitarist LeeQ.
LOL. SHIT. DAMN. He is so damn cute!!!

xing xing ah Yin Yin!

My wallet is getting break up. After used for 7 years, finally. I still remember I bought it at RM70, it's big money for me that time, well I doesn't mean RM70 is small money for me now. #ermmmmm But use 7 years.....dai. Suddenly reminded me there are a lot of people asked me why did I look "rich".. actually they doesn't declare you are rich by you look elegant/chio/白雪雪, but by the things or lifestyle you have:
- seldom go trip, rich
- seldom go out dinner, rich
- seldom hang out, rich
- seldom shopping, rich
- seldom buy new shoes, rich
- seldom buy new bag, rich
- seldom buy new shirt, rich
- no go Starbucks, rich
- always go trip, rich
- always go out dinner, rich
- always hang out, rich
- always shopping, rich
- always buy new shoes, rich
- always buy new bag, rich
- always buy new shirt, rich
- always go Starbucks, rich
- earn SGD, rich
- always buy books.....e? how come no one say this before?
*Im not trying to hit article length.

MEH. That's why for friends around me, I'm "rich". Another terms abused & spoil. LOL. And I got my wallet used 7 years but you ask me why Im rich! See see how you spent your own money dude!!!

lengjing ah Yin Yin! is an excited Saturday. Hang out with Jc. Supposed we to meet at NEX Starbucks, who knows...close for renovation. I thought wow so bad luck, 1st date with Jc so failed??

End up visited HG Mall Starbucks - die die want Starbucks. Well, thanks for the treat. Only travel $$ spent today! but eat dao bao bao. :D

Good catch up, we have errrrr few hours talk. From company to personal life. One of the good things with colleague is we can have the same chat topic, no gossip no gossip! Healthy talk! LOL

Shared her the 3rdparty get tariff plan. Jc is the "user" in this new plan, she will be the 1st beneficial to utilize this new arrangment. And next week gonna involve W and Vc to kick start the implementation. Hope they will help to prioritize this project #TinAhhhDidYouHearMe

Oh and Jc shared me what she been doing. Finally after one month, I know the project she handling in details, even we did OT together - for few nights.. It's very interesting when you see there are few parts combine to make ones complete.

I used to tell my family & friends (because non-IT will always curious!)..coding, is very easy. The challenging one is about how you make use on the knowledge & resources. This is very surface comments, for non-IT person. If let a pro IT person saw this, think will show me 7-7 gesture.

Recently playing a lot on a project planning. Hmmmm Project? Maybe it's more like a Solution. The mind open up abit, and found new attributes this time.
1. road map & target
2. position & focus
3. implementation

Newbie time, I focus on implementation. Direct abit means how to code the plan out. LOL #ImProgrammer
Slowly we learn how to plan the position of a solution. Where is this place? What is the focus of this solution? Where you can bring it to.
And now, got road map & target. Where you want it to bring you to.

Interesting. I very qidai the day I found no.4. #QiDai

Never speak out never know. Recently keep self slap brain when talking to someone, to avoid side track topic. It's very very easy been lead when you try to answer/react to questions OR open conditions that provided by the person. Every input is trying to set up the environment, brain background scenes are keep swapping, if you step into it......
G "What would you like to have if money is not an issue"
YY "Go back Malaysia"

That's why.

zan zok ah Yin Yin!

niwawa, I thought C Major Scale only 8 press. Who knows, Z introduce me another 5 this week. Conclusions is, this week doing Scale exercise.
3 part bar chords, 4 part bar chords.
C, Cm7, C7
...Will he someday tell me we actually have C8 C9 C1 C2 C3 huh? *ok found question to ask for next class