Sunday, July 23, 2017

Talk to yourself.20 - Sungha Jung Live in Singapore 2017

I realize I always can't resist the sounds come from guitar, they are so beautiful!

Nothing is more happening than the Sungha Jung concert yesterday in last 3 weeks.

The moment he walk to stage, wow, I SAW A FAMOUS GUITARIST! Well, that feeling. Without a word, he start playing his first song. SH always speak with guitar, the 1st time he posted a video with vocal, the comments floor flood, everyone surprised.

I guess there is a big group of friends behind, hmmm or maybe it's SG fans club maybe, they are building abit of party atmosphere, which is quite interesting. When SH said it's last song for tonight, they "OWWWWWWW", and SH seems heart pain "aww....when i said last song, it's not a real last song" , lol. means enchore.

So no one leave when he finished the "last song" and he unplug his guitar and leave the stage, applause non-stop. That aura is interesting, they appreciate his performance. And end up he is back for a real last song. I wonder will people really leave when the 1st time he unplug and gone if he didn't mention before hand. That will be funny.

There is a lucky draw before the final song, 2 winners. The funny is SH mistakenly give both album prize to the 1st winner. When the mc going 2nd lucky draw, he is in a nervous to look for the translator. And the mc laughed after he heard that! And ask "1st winner, are you holding 2 albums?", he go and grab the 2nd album back and said "she steal a winner!" LOL. This mc cute though.

Before SH start the last song, he said.."i have alot album at my after the show, please don't go home". The audience sat beside me can't help herself to say "so cute..." LOL. Then! the last song he played call "HOME"! CONFLICT AH WEI!

Yea, since I went there, so I bought the album and go for signature session as well. This is my FIRST album in my whole life! But very sad & disappointed there is no photo during signature session :(

Anyway, I manage to shake hand with him, the moment i raise my hand, SH throw his pen and hold my hand with his 2 hands, and say thank you. SHIT! HE IS SO SINCERE! SO SO SO SINCERE.


Again, a young guy, but with mature attitude. Is musician world full of mature people? LOL

But he is abit rush during signature session, I feel like tell him...don't rush, your fans won't want you to rush.

Of course, I only said "thank you". #LOL

There is an annoying person always clap before the song ended, EVERY SONG! He/She do this for every song! So annoying ah!!!

Yea, a lot of friends is asking me, yes, I'm going alone. MEH. Transition, is quite annoying. But it's okay, this is life. This is my life. I shall face them. Just that I don't know how long I can take it before everything is settle. It's quite tiring. I've been too tired to this lifestyle.

Home desk books growing after the latest 2 books purchase. Damn thick. Can't wait to read them after Inferno by Dan Brown Im reading at the moment.