Sunday, May 21, 2017

Talk to yourself.17 - Don't touch my timeline

Everyone got a bad habit - like to add own instructions on top others instructions. Like I gave a timeline on 31st May, and the opposite will want to add notes "live on 1st June, test from 25th May". It's annoying and show that they do not respect my arrangement. But it's ok, experience gain, next time I can have 5 more working days delay due to "testing" stage required.

Mission code #3 - low exposure, doing well, but only for ePortal. LOL. Since this mission code is out, I got a weird question spinning in my head this whole week. Shit, since when I got to show face for GO,FFDX,Reporting, and WHY. This role is getting weird. Okay, mission code #3 continue again for another week, gambateh!


When something happen, should we do the necessary or do the correct one. The answer I got, is do the correct one. #我又长大了

Headache hit again over the weekend and why on Sunday, so damn pain.

Next class got to propose a new song. Maybe, a Chinese song that used to be meaningful for me or us. Hopefully the song will not kena reject as my teacher seems prefer an English song. #DontCareLiao